Barbells And Briefcases

Barbells and Briefcases promotes the balance between fitness and business. Its our goal to help like minded individuals with the information to grow as individuals and be prosperous in health and wealth. This isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle.

Hustle in business, Grind in fitness.

HUSTLE. Grind. Live.

Being apart of this team means a lot to me. To be surrounded by driven individuals that hold each other accountable to the goals we set is a humbling feeling. We all come from different walks of life, but we all want to be successful and build those around us. I'm honored to call this group family!

Artist of the Brand

I am the official artist of the brand. I've created our logos and designs used for our apparel. What started off as just helping a business with their logo, was actually one of the best opportunities I've taken advantage of. After I did the logo I asked to be part of the team because I saw the value and vision of Barbells and Briefcases.


my Barbell

My barbell is playing flag football to stay in shape. I've always had a passion for football and what its taught me. On Sundays I play in 2 Las Vegas leagues and I'm also part of a few traveling teams. I've won many championships over the years and competed against some of the best athletes in the nation. When I play, I'm in my own world. What I've learned from football I use in everyday life. The teamwork, leadership, focus, determination, drive, passion, and heart that the game of football pulls out of me, I make sure to use it in all areas of life.

Our Podcast

The Barbells and Briefcases Podcast was created to share and talk about ideas related to the fitness and business communities and also include interviews with those  succeeding in their own fields so our listeners can learn from them and hopefully get something out of it that they can then take into their own lives. Click the logo to listen!