Win The City LV

"Empowering believers by the word of God to obtain health, wealth, joy, peace, and favor in every area of their lives."



My then girlfriend Tiffany and I were invited to this ministry in 2014 on the verge of our 3rd break up. We entered into a church that really showed what God's love feels like. As we continued to come on Sundays, we would get more understanding about God and his word. We were both living at home with our parents and unsure where to go with our lives. Thanks to our Pastors Laki and Caroline Siaki and being connected to Win The City LV we are growing into the couple God has called us to be. This church has truly blessed us! I proposed to Tiffany and got married to her in this ministry, we purchased our first home, and this very business was birthed there! I now truly understand my purpose as a man and what to do with the gifts God has blessed me with. If you are looking for a church in Las Vegas, look no further. This truly is a life changing family the I could not see my life without!


At Win The City LV, its all about people! We make sure to show love to our community and help were we can. We understand what it means to have a servants heart. We have partnered up with organizations like HELP of Southern Nevada that assist the city with family needs.


Just because we attend church and believe in God, doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun! We make opportunities to enjoy each other and to get closer as believers.